The blog is back!

9 02 2009

Sorry about the long spell of no updates, I have no excuses except laziness (and laying the advent calendar idea to rest) and to be honest, I was slightly bored with Travis. Thankfully, I’ve given the Since I last posted, we have had a new single Song To Self with a new and fantastic b-side The Ballad of J. Smith, played the first half of the brilliant Travisleague and Travis have started the year’s touring with a trip around various European countries. Over the next few days I’ll be adding in the new tour dates and lyrics but as always keep one eye on Travisonline to stay up to date.

Time for a gratuitous Chinese Blues video:


Dec 25th: It’s Christmas!!!

25 12 2008

Frankly no Christmas should be complete without watching the festive kazoo medley put together by the boys back in 2002. Merry Christmas!

Ode Day

23 12 2008


A day to celebrate two things:
The brilliance of the new album Ode To J. Smith.
The brilliance of Travis as a live band.
Brilliant! So let’s get underway. Each album track is in a live version of one form or another below:

Chinese Blues:
J. Smith:
Something Anything:
Long Way Down:
Broken Mirror:
Last Words:
Quite Free:
Get Up:
Song To Self:
Before You Were Young:

Dec erm… 20th: Last Christmas

20 12 2008

The advent calendar coughs (in my case literally) back into action today after a quiet week with a couple of drum cracks and the ensuing Christmas classic. It’s neither new nor rare but having heard the original on the radio earlier, I thought a Travis adaptation was in order:

download the audio from above
download from a Radio 2 show

Oh, and don’t miss Andy’s wise words with regard to Christmas day:

Dec 13th: Song Showdown commemorations

13 12 2008

Before we start, may I just thank all the spectators who braved a lot of Rain and some… erm… overrunning results 🙂 But most of all thanks to Luke who counted the votes (no, now is NOT the time, Ben :P), organised the mass slaughter and even arranged for a guest appearance of a murderous ghoul. Also, he designed the picture above, click it to leave your appreciative comments on the board. It couldn’t have happened without you Luke! But now, onto the results:

With the passing of another showdown comes the arrival of a new champion. Well, when I saw new champion, I mean old champion recrowned for the fourth time because the Song Showdown radio is playing all the usual and Writing To Reach You is home for Christmas again. Leaving all the other songs in a pickle (jar), no other song has looked capable of even giving it a poke in the side before WTRY overthrew them. To it, we award the gold pickle jar and allow it to admire it’s dulcet tones in 4 situations:

gold pickle jar

Glasgow Barrowlands, 1999

Deadly Avenger’s Bayou Blues Mix

Glastonbury, 1999

FM4 acoustic session, 2008

Up next, the valiant yet vanquished Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Posthumously, we award the silver pickle jar to be used until depickling techniques have advanced, and allow it to listen to itself one last time in the aftermath of an infamous Glastonbury weather shift:

silver pickle jar

Finally we award both Turn and Side this bronze pickle jar which they should both be able to squeeze into, and compare and contrast both songs from Japan 2007:

bronze pickle jar

Dec 12th: Bookend videos

12 12 2008

“What is a bookend video?” I hear you ask, and your curiosity is not in vain because this page has the answer you’ve been waiting (10 seconds) for! In this case, these two videos ‘bookend’ Travis’ career – AIWTDIR from Later in the very early days of 1996 when Fran had both attitude and lots of hair, followed by the latest Glasgow installation in interview form. And of course, while one bookend has been gathering dust for a decade, the other is shooting off to new horizons like all best bookends do 😛

Dec 11th: Guest-editor page!

11 12 2008

Today is an easy day for me, because someone else has made a page for the calendar! TheBoyWithAName (Alex or Swede Boy :P) has upoaded some old live tracks from 1999, made his own page and, and this is the best bit by far, MADE IT SNOW!!! I’m definitely going to invest in a snow machine soon, but until then it’s all here.
Oh, and the recordings? Great quality! You might have to click on all the stop buttons first and be a bit patient, but when technology obliges they are great! Thanks Mr BoyWithAName!
Another gratuitous link in case you missed the first.